A child without education is like a bird without wings.

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Opposite Attock Oil, Adjacent to Desi Dera Restaurant, Ghazi-e-Millat Road, Rawalakot, AJK.

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Oxford, Cambridge, Scholastic, Paramount

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Roots & Wings Montessori School is a 21st Century Islamic Montessori system in Rawalakot, AJK providing quality education to kids at Preschool, Primary, & Middle School Levels; currently for 2.5 to 14 year olds from ECE Level 1 (Junior Montessori) to Grade-8. The ultimate goal of the school is to integrate the teachings of Islam in a child’s practical life so that the child grows with the firm ‘roots’ to nourish and develop properly. Secondly, the school also aims at equipping children with all necessary skills or ‘wings’ to achieve success in the competitive world of 21st Century.

The school was established in May 2012 and has continued to grow into a professional facility not only catering to the educational needs of children but also to the professional development of teachers. The school practices Active, Cooperative, and Multi-sensory Teaching Approaches and believes in helping children to grow as independent and self-directed learners.

Special Features of Roots & Wings

  • Use of multimedia, Tablet PCs, and other audio-visual resources in the classroom
  • Oxford Online Testing System
  • Special attention to developmental milestones for kids
  • Personalized care and attention to each child
  • Focus on developing child’s communicative competence in English
  • Maximum practice time and opportunities for children to play and learn
  • Very little or no lecturing; lessons are mostly communicative, task-based, and activity-based
  • Additional teacher support for slow learners
  • Fun learning projects, games, discussions, debates, presentations, group work, and contests
  • Theme based activities
  • Celebrations of important National, Religious, & International days
  • Regular Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Training Workshops for Parents
  • Enhanced practice of Phonemic Awareness & Phonics
  • Special days for community/ parents to come in and work with children at school